Truncated Truths & Traveling Fiction
Video Installation
Video Content Duration: 7:37 loop

This piece was created for The Grand Trunk , a juried exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel in which the curator provided a historical newspaper clipping mentioning the Gladstone Hotel, from which to take inspiration, and a trunk or suitcase with which to create the work. Filling in the gaps and creating a fictional addition to the factual newspaper clipping, Truncated Truths and Traveling Fictions is a video installation in which viewers step up for an intimate viewing experience in looking down at the packing and unpacking, in the time lapsed life of the belongings of the late Thomas Swallwell, a traveling salesman at the turn of the century and frequent guest of the Gladstone Hotel. The piece explores the notions of mobility, packing and unpacking, parafiction, the slippage between reality, history and memory and allows objects to stand in for the person, forcing us to extrapolate a story of our own about Thomas Swallwell.