The Fourth Annual Art Spin Exhibition

August 30th - September 1st 2013

Built in 1920, the Tower Automotive building had an industrious history in aluminum, sheet-casting and automotive parts. In 2005 it was designated a heritage site and then shortly thereafter, closed. For years the ten story historic structure sat abandoned, occasionally accessed by trespassing graffiti artists, photographers and urban explorers alike. 

The Fourth Annual Art Spin Exhibition took its cue from the building it occupied, featuring works that explore its industrial heritage and history of neglect and decay while highlighting the disappearance of Toronto’s industrial past. 

This group exhibition curated by Layne Hinton and Rui Pimenta of Art Spin featured works in various mediums including site-specific installation, sculpture, painting, photography, new media, and performance art.

The Tower Automotive building is located at 158 Sterling Rd. (West of Lansdowne, North of Dundas).

Exhibition ran August 30th - September 1st.

Vuk Dragojevic • Martie Giefert • Mary Grisey • John Haney & Carey Jernigan • Markus Heckmann • Layne Hinton • Caroline Larsen • Celia Neubauer • Kal Mansur • Noel Middleton • John Oswald • Geoffrey Pugen • Lois Schklar • Jennifer Rose Sciarrino • Michael Toke • Elinor Whidden • Jinny Yu

Art performances by Rui Amaral and Derek Kwan (created by Derek Liddington) and by Johannes Zits. Large-scale outdoor projections by Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila. With Faye Mullen and her nomadic studio crate, and Navid Taslimi with interactive bicycle races. Live music for the night by Programm.

Art Spin would like to acknowledge support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council, as well as Castle Point Realty Partners and Kronenbourg. More thanks to Niki Dracos from General HardwareContemporaryDaniel Faria from Daniel Faria Gallery, and Anne O’Callaghan.


Photos by Vuk Dragojevic, Layne Hinton and Vic Gedris.