The Greenhouse


Site-specific public installation with greenhouse, artificial plants, lights, vinyl, and fan

A greenhouse glows in the dark of winter, rich with greenery and blooming plants, yet simultaneously engulfed by a fire that’s ablaze within. Since their adoption in the early nineteenth century, winter gardens have always represented human’s desire to control natural processes through mediation and scientific means, an attempt to create a utopia under glass. Today, the term greenhouse is synonymous with global warming and climate change – rising temperatures, and human’s role in the demise of balance in the natural world. Like the fiberglass mountains around it, this greenhouse is entirely false, an artificial paradise. Using only analog technologies and old stage tricks, The Greenhouse explores the dismantling of nature, and the relationships between real and artifice, natural and man-made.

On view until March 2019 at Ontario Place. Learn more about the Ontario Place Winter Light Exhibition here.

Photos by Andrew Williamson.


Azure Magazine

CBC - The Exhibitionists