SKETCH Magazine

The magazine of OCAD University

Volume 26, Issue 2

Winter 2015



OCAD U’s Open Gallery, November 2014

Influenc(Ed.) Machines is the result of primary curatorial research by students of International Collaboration Studio, a new Criticism and Curatorial Practice course taught by Professor Jennifer Rudder. The students researched the Photo Electric Arts Department of OCAD U in the 1970s — a catalyst in the development of new media and electronic art in Toronto. The exhibition revealed a legacy at OCAD U beginning with artist and Professor Norman White teaching Doug Back, who became faculty and taught Layne Hinton (and many others.) Curated by Robin Goldberg, Matthew Kyba, Kate Murfin, Tak Pham, Treva Pullen, and Renée Stephens. Works by (then) OCA and OCAD U faculty Doug Back, Judith Doyle, Kate Hartman, Michael Page and Norman White, student Layne Hinton and collaborator Sara Bradley."