Shadow Machines (No. 1, 2, and 3)

“ Through the creation of mechanical light projection apparatuses, the artist positions shadows and their proxies as interdependent entities, which in turn affirm the former's material qualities. One way this is manifested is a strong focus on the role of the technological apparatuses. The motorized Shadow Machines - comprised of wood, metal, lamp, wire mesh forms, a fixed lens and one that moves its focal point back and forth - the boundary of where the apparatus ends and where the projection begins becomes blurry. Would the machine be the parts with working components only? Is what is being projected the conical, cylindrical and triangular mesh sculptures dangling in front of the motorized lens? And what to make of the light rings encircling the mesh shadows from their refractions?  Titling them machines moves us away from pre-existing ideas of what film and image projectors do, and at what threshold separates them from what they project. The squeaking and grating sounds generated from the movement of the machines offer the behind-the-scenes working of the apparatuses, marking the sonic evidence as undeniably part of the work”  -  Maiko Tanaka for InterAccess, 2014