in/future: a transformative art experience

West Island, Ontario Place

September 15 - 25th, 2016

Artists: Acapulco Collective, Alex Beriault, Alex McLeod, Amanda Acorn, Bear Witness, Ben Watt-Meyer, Caroline Doherty, Clive Holden, Cole Suddick & Jennie Swanson, Danica Drago, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Dave Dyment, David Clark, Ed Pien, Erin Poole, Faye Mullen, Gareth Lichty, Greg Staats, Gwen MacGregor, Hazel Meyer, Heather Nicol, Jamie MacMillan, Jenn E Norton, Joe Hambleton, John Dickson, Jolene Bailie, Konrad Kaetner, Kristiina Lahde, Labspace Studio, Laura Millard, Laura Mendes, Lauren Schaffer & Nicholas Hooper, LeuWebb, Luke Painter, Lyla Rye, Marcia Huyer, Marco D’Andrea, Markus Heckmann, Max Dean, Michael Toke, Michael Trommer, Michael M Simon, Mitchell Akiyama, Noel Middleton, Patricia D’Avila, Peter Mettler, Philippe Blanchard, Rob King, Robert Hengeveld, Shannon Gerard, Simone Jones, Studio F Minus, Tanya St-Pierre, TH&B, Vuk Dragojevic, William Eakin, Wrik Mead, Zephyr & more


What do we learn about ourselves in the present when we look to the past to see how we imagined the future?

This is the question in/future invites you, as it did its participating artists and creative partners, to think about as you explore the the various art projects scattered throughout the magical West Island of Ontario Place.

in/future is the culmination of 100 art projects, site-specific installations, film, video and performances, 40 musical acts from around the globe along with 32 partnering arts organizations all coming together to animate an iconic venue that was once home to amusement park rides, arcades, educational silos and pavilions.

Reflecting on Ontario Place’s genesis as a cultural hub that both looked backward to Montreal’s Expo 67 for inspiration and dreamed of future innovations, in/future examines the overlapping layers of time at play in Ontario Place’s present. The festival has invited artists to transform this once-futuristic site in order to envision the future anew and to explore the complex interpretations of time by which we open up new ways of thinking about the current moment; to investigate various aspects of Ontario Place’s character and history— from notions of play and the carnivalesque, to tensions between the natural and the manufactured; from utopian visions for technology, culture, and society, to histories of Toronto’s relationship to Ontario’s North.

in/future is well-positioned to engage in a meaningful way with an ongoing and significant shift in Toronto’s creative ecology manifesting along the waterfront. This one time event serves as an opportunity to engage this iconic space through creative thinking and productive dreaming about our future.

It’s difficult to define a unique and multifaceted event like in/future, part art exhibition, music festival, film and lecture series, as well as a public gathering place on the waterfront park. We have described and labeled this project, in/future: a transformative art experience. Our hope is not only to temporarily transform this special space, which holds so much nostalgic value for so many, but to invite you to participate in your own transformative experience. As Ontario Place’s slogan once declared, “It’s all yours”.

- Co-Artistic Directors, Layne Hinton & Rui Pimenta

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