Film Circles
Film Installation
16mm film, projectors, plinths, round mirrors, light stands

In an endless loop, two found filmstrips - from different eras yet with a similar aesthetic - play, simultaneously interrupting and completing one another. The centres of each frame on both filmstrips have been punched out and swapped – the process is a long and tedious one done by the hand of the artist. The result is opposing filmstrips with the circular centre image of one film completing the other, and vice versa.

In the space of the installation, two film projectors sit on plinths side by side, running loops of the film footage and projecting interspliced scenes into the corner of a room. The clicking of the projector is all that you can hear. Two circular mirrors on stands interrupt the projected image catching only the swapped circular centre of each frame, in their face. The centre circles are then reflected, replaced back into their original footage. This simple analog process of interruption and reflection undoes all of the tedious frame by frame work done by the artist. The frames are almost seamlessly reunited except one minor flaw; the centre circular image is now reversed, a mirror image, this trace remains as a shred of evidence left by the artist’s hand. Viewers may navigate the piece from any angle, to interact with the projections. This spatial interaction is important to the piece as peoples’ silhouettes may obstruct portions of the projected images, revealing the way in which the composite projections are made.